Transforming public health through mobile technology

emocha builds mobile health tools for providers and payers to improve public health outcomes and reduce the high cost of medication nonadherence

Adherence Solutions

Secure and understand medication adherence through verification using tools such as asynchronous, video-based Directly Observed Therapy (DOT), and view real-time analytics on patient progress and adherence.

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Surveillance and Outbreak Monitoring

Collect, manage, and visualize contact data. Easy stratification of populations into low, medium, and high risk groups. Intervene using mobile health tools to send messaging campaigns, or collect custom data requests such as symptoms, geolocation, or travel plans.

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Patient Engagement

Allow care navigators to track patient progress along the care continuum from screening to treatment initiation. Prevent loss to follow up by engaging the patient in their care, keeping them informed of appointments, laboratory results, and milestones.

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Solutions For Public Health Departments

Maximizing resources through Contact Monitoring solutions that keep patients and providers connected through intelligent, secure communication channels. Providers can stratify populations into risk-based groups and focus resources on the patients who need it most. Deep history of providing solutions in Tuberculosis, HIV, HCV, and other critical public health areas.

Solutions For Providers and Managed Care Organizations

A true population health approach to managing risk by monitoring patient health and medication adherence throughout the continuum of care. Improve provider-patient interaction through secure communication channels while taking advantage of new reimbursement mechanisms. Allocate outpatient resources more effectively using modern mHealth navigation and support tools such as video-based Direct Observation.

Solutions For Pharmaceutical Organizations

Outcomes-focused mobile health solutions for securing medication adherence and increasing patient access to novel therapies. Whether in the clinical trials setting, or as a value-add to traditional therapeutics, emocha's asynchronous, cloud-based digital health platform gives unique insights into patient behavior at a granular level.

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