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Meet the leading adherence platform powered by healthcare providers

emocha is redesigning the way patients take their medication. We work with payers, providers, and health departments to reduce costs and support patients with conditions such as tuberculosis, hepatitis C, and opioid addiction.

Our technology works because it’s powered by people

Patients record themselves taking their medication on their smartphone using video-based Directly Observed Therapy (DOT). Providers verify each dose and support patients through our web-based platform. Patients can achieve over 90% adherence with emocha.

Customizable Adherence Tools

Configurable Mobile App

Working with non-English speaking patients? Display the mobile app in 20+ languages and customize a list of reportable side effects for your use case.

Alerts for Patients and Providers

Customize SMS alerts, email notifications, and reports for patients and providers. Select triggers like ‘symptom alerts’ and ‘medication reminders’.

Remote Data Capture

Using an Android or iOS device, patients can securely check-in with no cellular or Wi-Fi connectivity and fulfill DOT while traveling or in remote areas.

HIPAA Compliant

emocha fulfills all security standards, including authorization, encryption, and audit logging. Download our white paper.

Provider Web Dashboard

Assess patient videos, side effects, and adherence data from any browser. View and export customizable reports at patient- and population-levels.

Tools for Patient Engagement

Navigate patients through treatment with appointment scheduling and real-time messaging.


emocha offers health departments a cost-effective solution for monitoring TB medication adherence with video DOT. With emocha’s HIPAA-compliant application, health departments have saved up to $6,833 per patient over a 6-month regimen.

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Opioid Addiction

Providers who treat opioid addiction have little insight into the side effects and cravings their patients experience. With emocha’s adherence tools, providers can feel confident that patients are adhering to treatment rather than diverting medication. Video DOT is the easiest way to increase your capacity to support patients at a low-cost.

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Hepatitis C

A 12-week regimen for hepatitis C can cost upwards of $70,000, and patients suspected of nonadherence to medication often struggle with insurance coverage. emocha offers dose-by-dose adherence tracking with video DOT to remove prior authorization barriers and help providers identify patients in need of support throughout treatment.

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