Clinically Validated Technology for Medication Adherence

NIH-Funded Research Finds emocha Secures Adherence and Saves Resources

emocha’s video Directly Observed Therapy platform helped patients with tuberculosis achieve 94 percent medication adherence with the potential to save public health programs $1,391 per patient on average, according to a study conducted by researchers at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Staff and patients cited increased flexibility, convenience, and patient privacy compared to traditional treatment methods.

Patients Using emocha Continue Treatment During a Hurricane

The CDC published a report showing that patients with tuberculosis using emocha were able to continue treatment in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. During the two weeks following the storm, patients achieved 97 percent medication adherence. Of the 61 patients using emocha, 59 took all doses as prescribed throughout the storm.

emocha Helps to End a Tuberculosis Outbreak in Puerto Rico

Between 2010-2017, Puerto Rico was in the midst of a recurrent TB outbreak that could not be contained at a home for men with mental illness, resulting in the deaths of six residents. Due to the remote location of the facility and staffing shortages, daily in-person DOT was not feasible and previous attempts to use livestream video options had failed. After emocha was implemented, all 11 active TB and 6 latent TB patients demonstrated clinical improvements in health and the outbreak was declared contained by the Puerto Rico Department of Health.