Global experience, clinical and medical expertise.

We're not your average health technology company.

We develop novel mobile health innovations with high-impact potential for research and real-world use. By truly understanding our users through design research, we make healthcare accessible, efficient, and compassionate. emocha was invented by Johns Hopkins researchers in 2008 to monitor HIV patients in Uganda. From these roots, we’ve grown our platform exponentially to include features that focus on simplifying healthcare with cost-effective mobile technology. Have a new project? Let’s talk!

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emocha White Papers

As an innovator leading the field of mobile health in public health, emocha strives to share back our own learning with our partners. Our whitepapers are provided upon request for a number of topics. Simply contact us at and start a conversation about your needs and research for more information.

mHealth and HIPAA Security Standards

HIPAA is a law that regulates access and protection of patient data. With mobile health technology, encryption and security is paramount for patient safety and regulatory compliance. Learn how emocha addresses these concerns through its sophisticated mobile health platform.