Adherence Solutions for Tuberculosis

Health departments partner with emocha for video DOT

emocha offers health departments a cost-effective solution for monitoring ingestion of TB medication with video DOT. The Infectious Disease Society of America guidelines acknowledge video DOT as an alternative to traditional direct observation offering new benefits for active and latent TB monitoring.

The relationship between TB patients and caregivers is a huge factor in the success of DOT. Providers manage the challenges of daily medication such as side effects, drug resistance, travel, scheduling and expenditures.

Video DOT, sometimes referred to as VDOT or eDOT, allows patients and providers to complete DOT on their own schedule, dramatically reducing the cost of travel for patients and providers and the inconveniences to family and work life.


Data shows that using emocha generates up to $6,833 in provider cost savings per patient over a standard six-month regimen.


Patients and providers complete DOT on their own schedule with asynchronous mobile technology so that taking medication doesn’t interfere with daily life.


DOT providers are the backbone of our technology, and their support is essential to a patient’s success. We’re expanding the capacity of providers by simplifying the workflow of DOT.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is asynchronous video DOT HIPAA-secure? Yes! emocha’s cloud-based technology complies with all HIPAA and PHI guidelines. Please download our security paper to learn more.

Can patients take their medication without connectivity? Yes, patients can take medication without cellular data or Wi-Fi. Our expertise lies in synchronization in low-connectivity settings. This allows patients to seamlessly continue taking medication if they are traveling or in rural areas of low connectivity.

Is emocha cost-effective? We work with health departments of all sizes monitoring active and latent TB populations. For all programs, emocha can help you use staff time effectively and reduce the costs associated with daily monitoring.

Application Features

  • doneHIPAA-compliant (Learn more)
  • donePatient app available in 20+ languages
  • doneCustom notifications for patients and providers
  • donePatients can report side effects at every dose
  • doneView patient- and population-level analytics
  • doneFull training and 24/7 support for patients and providers