Improving medication adherence with     engagement and support

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Identify nonadherent patients

Measures such as refill data are important but do not account for whether a patient takes every dose of medication as prescribed. emocha analyzes pharmacy data, claims data and clinical data to identify patients who likely possess medication but may not be adherent.

emocha provides dose by dose adherence

Improve Dose by Dose Adherence

emocha is based on a CDC-endorsed model of care known as Directly Observed Therapy. Patients use a HIPAA-compliant mobile application to video record themselves taking every dose of their medication. Care teams or emocha Adherence Coaches review the videos and engage daily.

emocha amplifies patient engagement

Amplify Patient Engagement

Human engagement drives adherence. emocha makes frequent, meaningful, and HIPAA-compliant patient communication scalable. Providers earn Medicare reimbursement for reviewing patients’ recorded videos.

emocha focuses resources to cases of high priority

Focus Resources

Focus your attention on patients who need it most. Use emocha’s smart filtering to quickly sort patients struggling with adherence, experiencing side effects, or even reporting cravings for opioid use disorder.

In a National Institute of Minority Health and Health Disparities Small Business Innovation Research grant across 3 Maryland public health departments, 100% of patients successfully completed tuberculosis treatment

Reduce costs and improve outcomes

Everyone saves when patients take their medication. Hospitals reduce readmissions, health plans save on downstream expenditures, and DOT programs cut down on daily transportation time. Most importantly, patient health improves when medication is taken properly.

emocha's platform verifies every dose of DOT

"Progress against Tuberculosis today is the result of intensive efforts over the past 15 years to implement Dirctly Observed Therapy" The Millennium Development Goals Report 2011

The experts in Video DOT

Directly Observed Therapy (DOT) has been the gold standard for medication adherence since the 1950s. Visually verifying every dose in person has been shown to achieve over 90 percent adherence rates. However, it’s also expensive and time-consuming for patients and providers. emocha makes DOT more accessible. We understand that patient-provider communication is core to DOT, and our asynchronous video DOT platform enables engagement beyond in-person visits. Backed by world-renowned clinical experts and data from the National Institutes of Health, emocha is the leading adherence platform.