Increase medication adherence with asynchronous video DOT

Adherence Solutions

Fifty percent of patients don’t take medication as prescribed. When it comes to complex regimens, infectious disease, or addiction treatment, this problem is amplified. Directly observed therapy (DOT) is the gold standard for medication adherence, and we’ve made it easier. With video DOT and a platform of adherence tools, patients can achieve over 90% adherence with emocha. Patients record themselves taking their medication using emocha's HIPAA-compliant app on their smartphone, and providers verify each dose and support patients on the web-based platform.

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Improve Adherence

Patients are more likely to stay adherent with a combination of mobile technology and support from their provider.

Strengthen Relationships

Providers use our communication tools to build relationships outside the care setting and support patients at risk of nonadherence.

Reduce Costs

Payers, providers, and health departments avoid unnecessary healthcare costs when patients adhere to their medication and get better, faster.

Gain Insights

Understand patient progress and adherence in real-time to allow for preemptive intervention.

Better Outcomes

Patients who take their medication consistently are less likely to be hospitalized, spread infection, or become drug-resistant.

Introduce Accountability

Visual confirmation of each dose drives patient accountability for their own health.

Cross Platform Apps

The emocha mobile app is available on both iOS and Android for phones and tablets through the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store. The provider web interface is accessible through all major web browsers.

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