Increase and understand medication adherence using asynchronous video DOT.

miDOT for Medication Adherence

miDOT is a solution for video-based Directly Observed Therapy (DOT). Using the miDOT application, patients report side effects and securely record themselves taking medication at their own convenience. Clinicians can assess videos, manage patient data, and access adherence analytics on the emocha web-based web portal. Notifications remind patients to take their medication and inform providers about important patient-reported events.

miDOT by emocha

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vDOT in Harris County, TX, USA and Sydney, NSW, Australia

Flexible Solution for Direct Observed Therapy

Multiple Languages

Customizable side effect capture and instructions in multiple languages or through image prompts.


Send reminders, automatic event-based notifications and reports to patients and healthcare professionals.

Patient Smartphone

Using an Android / iOS device, or a desktop, patients securely submit videos and side effects and receive notifications to secure adherence to their medication regimen

HIPAA Compliant

Excellent security standards including authorization, encryption, and audit logging. Patient data is deleted from mobile devices.

Web Interface & Analytics

Assess patient videos and side effects to fulfill Directly Observed Therapy guidelines. View and export customizable reports at individual and population levels.

Mobile In-Person DOT

Tablet application to document in-person doses from the field. Manage in-person and video DOT data in one system.

Cross Platform Apps

emocha works where your patients are. emocha is available for most phones through the App Store and Google Play store. An easy-to-use interface saves time and money, allowing patients to take their medicine when convenient for them, and providers to keep track without ever leaving the office.

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