A centralized platform which consolidates various levels of providers and patient laboratory testing.

miLINC for Care Coordination

miLINC is an adaptable platform designed to link patients to care, navigating them through diagnosis and treatments. miLINC encourages positive behavior through proactive messaging via SMS, email and in-app. Multiple use cases exist for monitoring and maintaining population health, where emocha is used for linking patients to novel therapies; HIV Prevention campaigns; maternal health interventions; smoking cessation programs; weight management programs; navigating Cancer treatment; and preventing the spread of TB by rapid routing of laboratory results.

Flexible Solution for Linking Patients to Care

Multiple Languages

Customizable side effect capture and instructions in multiple languages or through image prompts.


Send reminders, automatic event-based notifications and reports to patients and healthcare professionals.

HIPAA Compliant

Excellent security standards including authorization, encryption, and audit logging. Patient data is deleted from mobile devices.

Case Study: miLINC for the MDR-TB Partnership in South Africa

Tuberculosis (TB) is the leading cause of death in South Africa, where approximately 20,000 patients are diagnosed with a multi-drug resistant strain of the bacteria every year, MDR-TB. Of these, half do not return to the clinic for care after diagnosis. To secure the continuum of care, emocha Mobile Health has integrated with the National Health Lab Service (NHLS) and engineered a suite of mobile applications that work in harmony to coordinate care from diagnosis through initiation of treatment.

Integrated data and Care Linkage applications for the MDR-TB partnership

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