Decades of experience in mobile health and clinical research.

Advisory Board

Bob Bollinger, MD, MPH
Global Public Health Expert
Jane McKenzie-White, MAS, MSEd
Managing Director, Johns Hopkins Center for Clinic Global Health Education
Larry Chang, MD, MPH
Infectious Disease Expert, Vice Chair Johns Hopkins Global mHealth Initiative
Maunank Shah, MD, PhD
Professor of Infectious Disease, Johns Hopkins University
Jason Farley, PhD, MPH, ANP
HIV & MDR-TB Thought Leader
Ben Seo
International Markets Expert
Anders Jones
Financing Strategy
Dan Durand, MD
Accountable Care Strategy Expert
Myron Weisfeldt, MD
Cardiology Advisor
Miquel Sitjar
Mobile Deployment Advisor
Jeff Daley
Financial Advisor
Paul Grossinger
Financial Advisor

Company Team

Sebastian Seiguer, JD, MBA
CEO & Co-Founder
Morad Elmi, MBA
Managing Director & Co-Founder
Gorkem Sevinc, MSE
CTO & Co-Founder
Mike Ringrose
Chief Architect
Amanda Allen, MA
Director of Design and User Experience
Katrina Rios
Research Lead
Valerie Walters
Project Manager
Caitlin Morelli
Partnerships & Customer Success
Michael Cohen
Lead Software Engineer
Nitin Sampathi
Interaction Designer
Ertugrul Alemdar
Software Engineer
Marie Sgouros